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Use of  funds

We will provide you with our expertise to help you based on your business performance. Business loans are designed to provide you with much-needed working capital.


Repay or top up

We can find deals for you that will not have early repayment fees,  only charge interest for the days you have the money. If you need more funds, applying for a top up is easy. As your business grows your credit limit will too with most lenders.

What is an unsecured business loan?

Unsecured business loans are a type of funding that does not  require the business to put up any personally owned and business-owned assets as collateral. This differs from secured business loans, which require the finance to be backed by an asset of some type normally property. Because no assets are secured against an unsecured loan, it’s a requirement in the majority of cases that the directors of the company taking out the loan will provide personal guarantees.

The benefits of a business loan

Unlike when you receive funding from investors, business loans allow business owners to keep complete control and ownership of their company and the way that it’s run. Not only this, with business loans:

  • Funding is fast. Business’ can access working capital within as little as 3 working days.
  • Repayment plans are tailored. Make fixed monthly payments over a period that fits your cashflow
  • We find the best rates for your business and match you with the right lender
  • The approval rate is high. Compared to traditional lenders it is far easier to secure funding.
  • No collateral is required. Keep your business assets safe in the event you default on payments, but personal guarantees may apply.