Buy to Let / Commercial Mortgages

Buy to Let (BTL) landlords are those buying a residential property with a view of letting (renting) it to someone else as a form of investment. BTL mortgages are very similar to regular mortgages, but with some differences as higher fees or usually higher interest-only mortgage rates. In Charles Crown Financial you will find advice and resources, being explained all the options from start to finish. We will consider carefully issues as rental cover ratios, yield and monthly rental income to determine the profitability of your investment and find the maximum loan available for you. If you have a portfolio of properties, we provide a professional review to improve the overall performance of your investments.

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How BTL beats other investments

  • BTL with 25% deposit mortgage
  • UK commercial property
  • Equities / shares
  • UK Bonds

Based on the performance of £1,000 invested since 1996

BTL features

We will give you expert advise explaining you all the options from start to finish. We will help to to calculate the maximum loan to value to fit your expected rental income.

  • Up to 85% LTV
  • HMO
  • Large HMO
  • BTL remortgages
  • First time landlords
  • SPV and limited companies
  • Maximum age 75
  • No requirement to be a homeowner
  • Semi-commercial properties
  • Block of flats
  • multi units freehold blocks

SPV - special purpose vehicle

A SPV is a way of holding business property through a limited company rather than the individual holding the property in their own name.  Experts predict that changes to the taxation of BTL property  are likely to lead to an increase in the number of property-letting SPVs. An SPV can claim the same running expenses as an individual landlord, but in addition, an SPV can claim mortgage interest in full as a business expense.

Corporation tax – as companies, SPVs pay corporation tax on rental income received (after expenses) at 19 per cent. Income tax on salary and dividends – it is up to the board of directors to decide whether to distribute some or all of the income to shareholders as salary and / or dividends. The company is not obliged to pay a salary or a dividend to directors; it can retain the income (less corporation tax) in its bank account. This means that the directors can decide if and when to pay dividends, allowing them to control the amount of tax they pay. Changing ownership is relatively simple, as SPV shares can be sold to a new owner without the property being transferred. Companies are able to claim expenses not available to individual owners.

Expenses deductible from rental income

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– Repairs

– Maintenance

– Insurance

– Actual cost of replacing furnishings

– Letting agent fees

– Ground rent  on leasehold property

– Service charges on leasehold property

Commercial / Semi-commercial Mortgages

A commercial mortgage is a loan secured by commercial property, such as an office building, shops, warehouses,…We will conduct with you an initial assessment of your needs to provide you with the right choice of specialised lenders to complete your deal efficiently and smoothly. A semi-commercial property is the one that has both residential and commercial uses on it as ,for example, a flat above a shop under the same title. Ask to our specialised professionals and get the best possible advise  to secure the best possible deal, rates, and repayment terms.

Geographical spread

  • owner occupier
  • BTL / Commercial

Relevant issues

is the property rented out by at least 3 tenants forming more than one household but share facilities as bathroom and kitchen.

is a property rented out to at least 5 tenants or more forming more than one household but sharing facilities as bathroom and kitchen. The property must be at least 3 storeys high. You must check your local council for a HMO licence.

a single person or members of the same family who live together

a transaction where the mortgage has not been entered into wholly or predominantly for the purpose of a business carried out by the borrower

the proportion of the mortgage payment covered by the anticipated rental income

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